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Generic Medications - Things To Remember

Date Added: March 16, 2011 03:18:24 AM
Author: disrs45
Category: Insurance: Health
Now you can get to know a lot about generic medical products. But the majority of people don't know for sure what generic medicinal products signify. And in result they are afraid to apply generic medicinal products though they are considerably cheaper than branded medicines. Meanwhile, people that understand what generic medicinal products represent generally give preference to such medicines and save a lot of money. Firstly, you need to know that generic medications have the same composition like branded medicines, including active ingredients and in-active substances. It means that generic medicines are identical to branded medicines in efficiency, therapeutic indications, strength, side effects, contraindications and other parameters. Sometimes generic medications have a slightly different composition of in-active substances, but it does not influence the effectiveness of the drug. The action of any medicine is conditioned to the active substance, and active substance is always the same in original products and generic medications. Before allowing generic medicinal products to the market the bioequivalence study is held. Brand name medicine and the generic one are regarded as bioequivalent if the rate and availability after administration in an identical quantity show the same effect. In case two drugs are regarded as bioequivalent it means that they are interchangeable. Taking into consideration that brand name medications are new, their producers need to conduct different types of researches and to invest significantly to the marketing of this product. What is more, acquiring patent for the new drug is also rather expensive. As a consequence, all the expenses are included in the price for the product. That is the reason why brand name products are generally of high price. When the patent is ending other manufacturers have a possibility to produce generic medications that are identical to the brand name product. Taking into account that generic producers do not have any research and development expenses, and no patent costs, they are able to offer significantly lower price for their medications. As a result, the market of generics allows you to obtain high-quality medicines, but at a moderate price.
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